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Your outdoor living area and front yard will be serviced weekly by our team of professional landscape maintenance staff. Our weekly landscape maintenance plan includes:

Lawn Care - Our lawn care team will mow, edge and fertilize your lawn areas. Trimmings will be removed and water system effectiveness evaluated.

Sprinklers - Your sprinkler system is the lifeline for your lawn, shrubs, flowers and trees. We will provide bi-monthly inspection and update the automatic scheduling as needed.

Plants & Shrubs - Your plants and shrubbery will remain vibrant with regular trimming and dead head removal. We will spray for insect control and fertilize as needed to keep them healthy.

Tree Pruning - Cutting, trimming and fertilizing. Removal of diseased, damaged or dead branches will do wonders for your trees, resulting in increased growth and a healthy appearance.

Cleaning - Our team will clean at each visit; we remove lawn trimmings as well as leafs and branches from trees and shrubs. Walkways and patios will also be cleaned of all trimmings and wind blown dirt or debris.


The cost of the weekly services ranges from $250.00 to $350.00 per month based on the size and detail in your lawn, garden and outdoor areas. The cost of fertilizer is not included in the weekly fee and will be an added charge based on usage.

After providing an initial complimentary consultation, we will provide a written quote for your customized weekly service plan. Our service plan agreements are annual and will run 52 consecutive weeks. Service plans will be billed monthly to a credit card provided by the customer.


Nash Patio & Garden - When its time to upgrade, modernize or replace elements of your outdoor living area, our sister organization, Nash Patio and Garden can work with you to plan a beautiful area for you and your family to enjoy. Visit the Nash Patio & Garden website to make contact with our landscape designer to discuss your needs.


Sprinklers & Irrigation - All work performed is based on labor and materials. Minor repairs will be done automatically to keep the grass and shrubbery healthy. More detailed repairs will be presented for prior approval.

Garden & Walkway Lighting - All work performed is based on labor and materials. Minor repairs and bulb replacement will be done automatically to maintain safety. More detailed repairs will be presented for prior approval.


Pool & Spa Cleaning - A quote can be provided for weekly cleaning of your pool and spa. This service will include cleaning the pool, testing the water and applying the appropriate chemicals. We will also perform a periodic evaluation of pump and heater systems.

Seasonal Color Change - As the seasons change, All Care’s experts will select flowering plants for your planters and containers that are appropriate for the seasonal temperatures. This will ensure you have a colorful vibrant garden year-round. The cost will be based on time and materials. An estimate will be provided prior to commencing the seasonal color change out.

Front Entry & Yard Decorations - When the Fall and Christmas holidays approach, with your approval, we will provide a holiday décor package for your front entrance and other designated areas. The installation of additional decorative lighting can also be part of your holiday décor plan. The work will be performed on a time and materials basis and an estimate will be provided prior to work commencing.
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